Sigma Accessories & Consumables

Entrust print ribbons are designed for ease of use, enabling built-in smart features with our industry-leading issuance security architecture; keeping data safe at each step of the issuance process.

Colour Tactile Cassette: 

The Sigma Series comes with a choice of eco-friendly colour ribbon kits or prefilled ribbon cassettes, which enable you easily to swap out ribbons in your Sigma DS series card printers. Just drop it in and you are ready to go.

Luster Ribbon:

Add luster and stunning impact to your ID card programs. Truly creative, affordable, eye-catching card designs are now at your fingertips with the luster color panel ribbon. No need to purchase additional modules. You can create colorful, stunning card designs with the combination of creativity, the Entrust luster color panel ribbon, and the technology of the Sigma DS series printers. The luster ribbon is a specialty ribbon that allows you to print translucent color shifting designs. Unique design card printing can be done with a single- or double-sided card application all inline with the luster ribbon. Add fluorescent images or texts in a specific color of your choice to enable easy verification and additional security to your card. Refer to specifications for Luster Ribbon options: Luster Ribbon Brochure

Card Lamination:

Reduce the threat of alteration and counterfeiting, with secure laminates, overlays and the tactile impression feature. Card De-bowing feature ensures delivery of flatter cards; meets latest ISO standard. Modular design allows customers to upgrade printers in the field with a laminator as card program needs change. Provide additional durability with addition of laminator; options to extend card life up 10 years. Refer to specifications for range of Laminates and Overlays options: Clear Laminates and Overlays Brochure

Color Tactile Impression:

Bring a low-level security feature to your cards. An affordable way to take security and card design to a new level of personalization – without the need for a laminator. Easily recognizable item on card that enhances branding. Images and text available in select colors via a color tactile ribbon.

Security you can see and feel: Choose from a variety of tactile foil cassettes that add color to your tactile impressions, making your cards difficult to replicate by counterfeiters, yet easy to validate by inspectors.

Impressive branding, impressive customization: Choose standard or custom dies to promote your brand with eye-catching features that differentiate your cards from the competition.

Holographic Laminates:

Custom or generic Holographic laminates available. Reduce the threat of alteration and counterfeiting, with secure laminates and overlays. Provide additional durability with options to extend card life up 10 years.


Sigma Series Print Ribbons:

Entrust offers genuine Print Ribbons for optimal performance with the Entrust Sigma Direct-to-Card printers. This provides assurance of secure, smooth-running performance, cost-efficient operation, and brilliant results.
Our print ribbon portfolio includes dye sublimation and resin ribbons that produce vibrant cards with:

  • Brilliant, long-lasting and colorful images
  • Precise bar codes
  • Crisp text with fine character fonts

Committed to Environmental Sustainability:

Entrust Print Ribbons and packaging contain biodegradable components and are ISO 14001 Certified. All Print Ribbons are made from dye-sublimation EcoPure® inks, making them eco-friendly.

Our Print Ribbon Accessories Range includes:

  • Pre-filled Colour Ribbon Cassettes – Just drop the Cassette into your Sigma Printer and you are ready to go!
  • Luster Ribbons (custom)
  • Card Lamination and Overlays
  • Colour Tactile Ribbons (custom or generic)
  • Holographic Ribbons (custom or generic)