Sigma DS3 ID Card Printer with Card Lamination Module

Entrust Sigma ID Card Printers are specifically designed for today’s cloud environments:

The Entrust Sigma DS3 with Card Lamination Module direct to card printer delivers instantly-issued ID cards at superior speeds combined with superior durability. The secure architecture ensures data is safe with features like encryption technology, TPM Module, and Secure Boot. Features like inline magnetic stripe encoding and smart card encoding secure your cards while the inline lamination module secures your card while extending the card life.  The intuitive printer dashboard enables printer management from a mobile phone.  The DS3 w/Card Lamination Module achieves productivity, simplicity and security not seen before in ID card printing.

SIGMA DS3 with CLM (Card Lamination Module) Features:

  • Increased speed ensures fast and reliable printing
  • Cloud-enabled – Ethernet (Standard) or Wi-Fi (Optional) connectivity
    options enables use of cloud software delivery model
  • Single or Double-Sided printing
  • Simplex to Duplex RFID upgrade kit
  • Full-color/monochrome printing
  • Inline printing and magnetic stripe or smart card encoding
  • The Sigma DS3 card printer with CLM comes standard with single sided lamination and optional dual-sided lamination capability. This provides the ability to apply two different types of laminates to the card
  • Secure custom or generic holographic designs can be added at various levels for enhanced security
  • Luster ribbon can be incorporated as a security feature with Sigma DS3 card printer with CLM
  • 36 month warranty for both the printer and printhead

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Sigma: The Next Generation of Direct-to-Card Printing



  • Easy to get started
  • Remove from box in 32 seconds
  • Takes 30 minutes to set up
  • Simplified quick start guide
  • Comes with pre-filled cassettes and ribbon roles
  • Variable LED Light Ring – Matches to your environment and alerts you to printer issues


Manage printer from the palm of your hand via a dashboard:

  • See printer status
  • Order supplies
  • Check cleaning status
  • Update Firmware
  • Contact Help


  • Encrypted customer data storage
  • Data sent to printer is secure and encrypted
  • Secure boot protects system from malware or virus on boot-up
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) manages the printer’s own TLS/SSL certificates and keys
  • Connection and data sent between software and printer is encrypted
  • Customer data is encrypted and is not stored in the printer after printing is complete
  • Luster printing and other security features added to cards protect from tampering and counterfeiting

Flexibility and Scalability Built for the Future

  • Issuance capabilities include physical cards and digital Mobile Flash Passes
  • Choose on-premises or cloud-hosted deployment
  • Expand your ID Program as your needs change by adding smart card capabilities, wi-fi connectivity, and more
  • Print anytime, anywhere with your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows)